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Damned if You do or even if You Didn’t…….

Israel doesn’t ever expect to get a fair shake from the international media in its reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, so it’s especially galling when “one of its own” stoops to trashing the IDF. Gideon Levy writes in the Haaretz (the Israeli paper favored by Europe, that in itself should tell you something) concerning the al-Dura affair:

“Even if the director of the Government Press Office, Danny Seaman, is right in determining that the film made by the reliable and experienced French journalist Charles Enderlin was “staged,” and even if he succeeds in clearing Israel from responsibility for this killing, what will we say about the other children who have been killed? That their killing was also “staged?”

Nothing like hedging your bets early on. Gideon Levy’s wanting “it either way”, is reminiscent of how the Global warming alarmists changed both the debate and language from “global warming to that of ……climate change. Whether it’s cold or hot weather they have it bagged either way.

Daniel reminds the Tundra Tabloids that: “the article in the Ha’aretz shows that even if they can prove that Israel did not kill al Dura, this fact will be turned aginst Israel.”

His analysis (Daniel’s) is of course entirely correct. The activist media can’t afford to have their favorite pet project sullied (eternal Palestinian victim hood), so the tables somehow, must be turned against Israel in order to keep the Jewish state from garnering any favorable publicity.

For you see, the international media’s relationship with the two parties in the conflict can be summed up like this: “the glorification of the Palestinians while doing its damnedest to demonize Israel.” Simply bashing Israel won’t do, the Arabs must not be made to bear any blame lest they lose favor in the mind of the general public. Accompanied with inherent anti-Semitism, …’s an effective combination.

Gideon Levy goes further to cast unfair blame on Israel for any or all Palestinian children killed, with the following wild claim:

“As far as we can remember, there has been no other case in which Palestinians fired at the IDF and hit a Palestinian child.”

Golly gee whiz, it hasn’t occured to Levy that the Palestinians have used their children in the conflict with Israel throughout its history of violence, and of course since the start of the hostilities called the “intifada”. Here is a video I first viewed at the Sheiks’ site, which tells of a “Australian Christian aid worker, Dalry Jones, who went to the Palestine territory to help what she thought were victims of Israeli cruelty, only to discover a far greater and more real barbarity at work.”

This is the true story of how Palestinians have reduced themsleves to offering their young to the ancient fire god Molech (pictured). This Christian aid worker is truly heart broken over the cynical use of children by the Palestinians in their dirty terrorist war against the Jewish state of Israel. *L* KGS

Tundraman adds: Here is one of Israel’s most difficult dilemmas: being a democracy, there is full freedom of expression in the Israeli media. And at the same time, Israelis who have adopted this kind of worst Palestinian propaganda are allowed to spread it and provide opportunities for like-minded in the West (like YLE) to interview or quote them and then claim that they are “even- handed” because they report the views of “both sides”.

And people buy it – because these Jews/Israelis function as an alibi: “if a Jew or an Israeli agrees, they can’t be wrong!”

Exactly Tundraman, these “good Jews” are the only Jews whose opinions, claims and assertions are sought out and listened to by the media. They rarely ever seek out mainstream Israeli opinions, being satisfied just with the fringe of its society. Here’s the formula:

Journalist interviews:

1.) Palestinian who mouths all the well known/worn out catch phrases about Israel.

2.)Israeli Leftist who mouths all the well known/worn out catch phrases about Israel.

3.)Israeli religious settler who personifies –in the minds of the first two– all the well known/worn out catch phrases about Israel.

There. Now that’s balance for you. *L* KGS

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