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Leader of Finland’s First Ever Islamist Party Has Nazi Past…….

Oh my how the circle completes itself. You just can’t make this up if you tried. Founder and spokesman for the Finnish Islamic Party, (FIP) Abdullah Tammi, is not only a former Social Democrat, he’s also a former Communist …….and Nazi (in Finnish).

According to a Tundra Tabloid source, during the 60’s, Tammi was one of the more radicalized followers of (edit) Pekka Siitoimen Siitoin, a one time leader of Finland’s National Socialist Party (KDP), a fascist party that was never officially registered.

According to the TT’s source: “he (Tammi) became convert fundamentalist christian in 70’s. He also made his journey through Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon Church, before found the ‘Truth’.

However, to excuse all this (at least in his own pov), he recently claimed that he was not really all that loony, but infiltrated those movements and churches because he was a Soviet spy. Sounds like he’s mentally sane and stable doesn’t it?

Let’s see here, first Nazism, then all kinds of different religions, then Communism and now Islamism. Yep, I’m right, Tammi has indeed come full circle. I’ll wager that he views Israel with the lens from his 60’s period. *L* KGS

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  1. KGS,
    you mispelled the name “Pekka Siitoimen” whereas his correct name was (he’s dead) “Pekka Siitoin”. He tried to change his family name in form of “Siitin” but, of course, wasn’t allowed. [You may explain this linguistic overhand knot to your intl blog readers :-)]

    Thenafter he renewed the application in form of “Siitoin”, which was accepted. There aren’t too many Finns, as you know, and my childhood friend was a relative to this freak.

    Well, I am not aware of our Finnish prophet Mr Tammi and his paths, but I can assure the guys around Siitoin were really top of the icebergs. And this time, exeptionally, I was referring to their mental condition.

  2. Siitoin was not politically active in the 60´s. He began his political career ten years later. He was arrested in autumn 1977, and he was sentenced for five years in prison.

    The official reasons for prison sentence were:

    1) Founding of an illegal armed military organization to make a revolution in Finland.

    2) Urging someone else to burn a print shop which was owned by communists.

    Both accusations were ridiculous.

    First of all, Siitoin had not founded any military organizations. He had only a very small group of supporters, and the few old riffles which he owned, were all deactivated collectors weapons. An army inspector testified this fact in court, but the prosecutor invited an other expert, who said that it is possible to activate the riffles again by technical means. Of course it is. You can make a riffle even out of a steel rod, if you want.

    The process to condemn Siitoin began, when a Finnish TV-group wanted to make a film about Siitoin and his supporters. To get something to shoot, the cameraman asked Siitoin and and two other men to march with (deactivated) rifles on the backyard of Siioin´s home. And this film with three men marching was then used as an evidence to show that Siitoin had founded an illegal military organization.

    The columnist of the Social-democratic party Newspaper understated this incident in his column and called Siitoin and his friends “toy capp gun nazis”. He was fired because of this.

    And there were no evidence that Siitoin had urged a young mentally disturbed man to burn the print shop. Advertising tape with Siitoin´s Photographic shop labels was found in the crime-place. The tape was a too perfect evidence, and many believed that the burning was a set up.

    I think that Siitoin was a political prisoner, and the real reason for his sentence was the influence of Soviet Union to Finnish politics in that time. Siitoin never admitted the crimes, and he made several appeals.

  3. LOL. It would be healthy for you to research what Islam is really about instead of your propaganda bullshit blog. If you really knew Islam, you would be crying on your knees for forgiveness now.

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