al-Dura Israel Paleostinians Pallywood

Fake, Fraud And Phony…….

There has been enough said about this fraudulent hoax of a video, the product of the Palestinian film industry wing –in the armed conflict with Israel–….called Pallywood.

Israel has officially come out and stated that the Muhammad al-Dura affair was a complete hoax. It’s about time of course, the Palestinians have used this blood libel to their advantage long enough.

Perhaps those in the Finnish news media that read these pages will follow the Philippe Karsenty case more closely than before (read= news blackout), the trial judge has demanded that France-2 release the whole uncut video footage (27 minutes worth) by November 14th.

More here. *L* KGS

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  1. It only took Israel SEVEN YEARS to finally repudiate this blood libel.

    It’s no wonder that the Arabs win every PR battle.


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