Fattah Pimps Video Hoax…….

Fattah disseminates a video of a 16 year old Kurdish girl being murdered in an Islamic “honor killing”, as having taken place inside the Gaza strip.

The Jerusalem Post was taken in by the false story:

“But thanks to the awareness of readers and bloggers, who responded to an article on the video that was later removed from the Post’s Web site on Saturday night, the Post did not carry the article in Sunday’s paper and has ascertained that the supposed fresh “evidence” of another such killing is actually a Fatah hoax.

The video was authentic, but was filmed in April in Iraq. It shows members of the Yazidis sect killing one of their young girls for carrying on a romance with a Sunni Muslim boy.”

This is not the first time that false stories and videos have come out of the Palestinian controlled areas, the most recent being the Gaza beach incident, in which a family of Palestinians were killed by a Palestinian land mine while enjoying themselves on a public beach. *L* KGS

Note: The TT will be back on Wednesday

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