Iran Miiddle East Brutality Sharia

Iran: Male Gets Lash, Female Gets Stoning For Adultry…….

Iranian barbarism on display. A woman and mother of three, is set to become another victim of the Middle-Eastern medieval justice injustice system.

“A court in the Iran’s second largest city, Mashad, has sentenced to death by stoning a mother-of-three for having an extra-marital affair, an Iranian newspaper reported Friday.The daily Quds said the married woman’s lover had confessed to having had sex with her and that the court sentenced him to 100 lashes.”

This is what happens (in the extreme) when a religious state legislates morality. Those who refrain from extra-marital affairs because they themselves freely “choose to do so”, are more moral than those who are forced to do so, either by the state, or by some religious ruling elite.

Political Islam (sharia) is the most deadly and immoral belief/”legal” system on the planet. More here. *L* KGS

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