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It was only a matter of time before the Finnish Islamic Party (FIP) became the center of further attention. With the scrutiny of both the FIP and its members just beginning, so far, some very interesting details have been brought to the surface. It has already been reported that the FIP is actively seeking some 5000 signatures to help secure it a place in the next municipal elections in and around Helsinki.

The FIP’s handful of members have had ample experience of interaction with the non-Muslim community in Helsinki, who have been actively proselytizing in the streets in hope of converting their fellow Finns from their path of rejection of Islam’s god, Allah, and his prophet Mohamed. Since the forming of their own “party of god”, more light is being shed on a few of the “inner struggles” (jihad) some of its members have taken an interest in.

Receiving a hat tip from Baron Bodissey last night, I came across the blog of Vera, (edit:correction) a Finn someone living in Finland who recently blogged about one of the members of the FIP, Sauli Ingman. It appears that Sauli had been very interested in embarking on his own personal jihad to Dagestan or Chechnya to make war against the infidel, having failed in his quest for one reason or another he then turned his energies towards politics.

He tried his hand at running for local elective office in 2004, for the Vasemmisto party, a “hodge podge” collection of socialists and communists which formed the new party after the thankful implosion of the USSR.

According to Vera, she came across a website used by Sauli in which he sought the following information:

“What is the address of the homepage of Dagestani rebelling muslims (shura)?? I want to support them by all means, because I am a muslim. Please inform me. How to help them to gain indepedence from indefidel Russia? CAN I JOIN THEM IN THE WAR against indifidel orthodox-communist-capitalist Russia? Who does pay costs of my campaign? ME or local muslims or an islamic organization?”

In covering all the bases where Russia is concerned, he also betrays his newly founded party’s ascertion that “the group does not have any contacts with any international Muslim organizations”…or at least that they haven’t tried to in the past. This isn’t the first time a Finnish convert to Islam has tried to wage jihad against the “infidel“, Abu Ibrahim tried to get into Chechnya as well, only to be turned back at the Georgian border.

Vera has more on it here, and take a look at the comment section to the post, some great lines were left there in both Finnish and in English. Kudos to Vera and the Baron for spreading the information around. *L* KGS

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