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Syria Denies Israeli Commando Raid…….

Syrian Information Disinformation Minister Muhsin Bilal, denies that the Israeli commando raid ever occurred, and that no N.Korean nuclear material was confiscated.

“These reports are not true. This is a baseless fabrication like the ones that have been spread against Iraq,”

This man represents the state that also wants you to believe that:

“Syria does not interfere in the Lebanese issue, and will support anything the Lebanese agree upon. This is an unequivocal issue.”

How about all those weapons flowing in from Iran through that “weigh station” called Syria? Are we supposed to believe that the Lebanese government does not consider it Syrian interference? I suppose the murdering of Lebanese anti-Syrian politicians on the behalf of Damascus, is sign of Syrian non interference as well?

Every time these jokers open up their mouths, they end up underlining the charges leveled against them. Please be reminded that US secretary of state, Condoleeza Rice has recently expressed hope that the Syrians will join the meeting of Arab states to discuss future talks about the peace process between the Palestinians and Israel. What a joke. More here. *L* KGS

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