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Syria Was Planning a "Devastating Surprise"…….

Former Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking in a TV interview on Israeli Channel One news, confirmed that something “did happen” inside Syria on its northern border with Iraq, and that Israel was involved.

According to the Israeli news daily, Haaretz, this marks the “first confirmation by a senior politician of foreign media reports of an Israeli operation in Syria two weeks ago.”

The operation carried out by Israel against the Syrians two weeks ago, was not to be the subject of public discussions, and many in the Israeli defense department are angry with “Bibi” for openly blurting something that should have been kept secret.

All I could have said about the “supposed operation” up until now, was that before more credible information is made available, everything about the operation, including what was attacked, is a matter of pure speculation.

No doubt that a high value target was hit by Israel, otherwise they wouldn’t have gotten the permission from the Turkish army (who by the way, were more than willing to by-pass Turkey’s islamist heads of state) to fly over Turkish soil, and risk an international incident by flying into Syria.

Actually, I am really enjoyed the cloak and daggers of it all, it has been keeping the anti-Israel nay-sayers off guard, because they don’t know what happened either. Israel is under no obligation to divulge what they did, and the Syrians are too embarrassed to divulge anything as well. Over all a win win scenario if Israel did indeed destroy their target.

I also draw the Tundra Tabloids’ readers to the end of the Haaretz article, it covers the same ground in a prior post of mine, about Saddam Husseins missing WMD’s. While it can’t be validated yet, it most definitely is interesting nonetheless.

“Meanwhile, publications of the Syrian Reform Party, an opposition group representing the oppressed Assyrian minority in Syria, recently reprinted a story originally published in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Siyasa in December 2006, which quoted European intelligence sources as saying that Syria is conducting “an advanced nuclear program” in Hasakah, a province in northeastern Syria.

The report quoted British sources as having identified Colonel Maher Assad, a relative of Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Rami Mahmouf as the two people “supervising” the project.

According to the report in Al-Siyasa, the Syrian nuclear program used Iraqi materials smuggled by Saddam Hussein’s sons prior to the American invasion of Iraq in March, 2003. Some 60 Iraqi scientists, along with Iranian and former Soviet experts, “are contributing to the Syrian nuclear program,” according to the British sources quoted in the report.

I am reminded of a question and answer period with a senior Israeli official at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs back in 2004, during which a question about Iraq’s missing WMD’s was posed. The Israeli official stated at the time that, “Israel was looking at Syria very closely to see where the Iraqi convoys where heading and what exactly they were carrying”. More here. *L* KGS

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