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Scandinavia’s Freedom of Movement Cult…….

This last Tuesday the Brussels Journal published the latest article by the Norwegian blogger, Fjordman, in which he depicts Norway’s downward spiral trend at the hands of its multicultural enterprise. Fjordman shows that Norwegian society is reeling under the weight of its destructive immigration policies, that paradoxically seeks both a “multicultural society”, while at the same time driving its own Norwegian cultural heritage straight into the ground.

Also worth noting towards the end of the article, Fjordman mentions the political editor of Norwegian left-wing newspaper Dagbladet, Marie Simonsen, who wrote that:

“it should be considered a universal human right for people everywhere to migrate wherever they want to. This would mean virtually certain annihilation for a tiny, wealthy and naive Scandinavian nation. Ms. Simonsen thus endorsed the gradual enslavement and eventual eradication of her own people, no doubt congratulating herself for her own tolerance. Not a single word of protest was voiced by any other journalist to this statement.”

Pure insane and suicidal mumbo jumbo by the political editor of the Leftist paper, which also sadly mirrors the same idiotic thinking by Finland’s own communists/socialists..Da Left. Finnish blogger Laura Tuominen echos the very same sentiments in her latest post on her blog, here.

“Sain eilen palautetta, miksei minun linkkilistaltani löydy Vapaa liikkuvuus-verkostoa. Korjasin asian nyt. / I received a comment as to why my link list doesn’t include the Free Movement- network. I correct the matter now”

Under the guise of…:

” Control mechanisms (read= customs/immigration, border control policies) uphold dictatorships and zones of cheap production and seek to prevent people from moving and seeking a better life. Immigration laws that make people “illegal” create flexible and precarious labour force with weak bargaining power to the mercy of the employers.”

These Scandinavian communists and socialists want to nix the entire concept of the sovereign state, and wish to implement an “open, free border policy” that resembles something akin to the Muslim concept of the universal Ummah, that we’re all one nation

The notion dove tails’ with the ideas of Finnish Leftist, Heikki Patomäki who is “toying with the idea of an international parliament”. Patomäki believes that an international:

representative body with a democratic mandate could solve the problem of indeterminacy in international law. “If democracy cannot become global, the democracy of individual states will also gradually become meaningless.”

What Patomäki wants to see implemented, is the forerunner of a world government that governs the policies of international states, which would eventually and very effectively supplant their national sovereignty with something resembling that of the defunct USSR.

His soul mate is another Finn, Academy Professor Martti Koskenniemi, a scholar of international law. Koskenniemi wants the international community to be able to decide situations/disputes within and between sovereign nations, and sees an “international constitution” as the best means to solve conflicting legal dilemmas between states that, surprise, seek their own best self interests.

This is all prelude to the concept of a one world government, which holds the individual nation sovereignty as a relic of the past. Free movement between these former sovereign states is just icing on the cake. This kind of dangerous, deluded thinking further underlines the connection between Leftist Utopians and the Islamist/Islamic agenda, which seeks first to blur the borders between states, then erase them. *L* KGS

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  1. I can’t believe that some people seriously consider a World government at the same time, when the laboratory of EU, Belgium, is on the verge of separation.

    I think one of the main motivators for World government is the success of global capitalism. You cannot build a socialist utopia in a nation state, because the capital flows cannot be controlled by individual state without significant negative consequences to the economy. The only way to achieve a centralized socialist state is to build a World government.

    These people really consider themselves citizens of the world and want to scrap the nation states to reach their utopia. The EU is just the first step for them.

  2. Your text just make me wonder, how does your anti-immigration ideology apply to Israel? Feel free to be a proponent of closed borders, but please be consistent and apply the same principle to Jewish immigration to Israel and especially its illegal settlements. Does not the right to refuse immigration apply to arabs, who have lost close to everything because of post-world war II jewish immigration to Palestine.

  3. Hi Anon,

    1.) Your very first mistake was to conclude that I have an anti-immigration ideology, when I clearly do not.

    But I do however have a “no-nonsense” attitude towards unfettered immigration policies, and the idiotic notions of the “free movement cult” mindset.

    2.) What you failed to understand from the post and this blog, is that immigration policies are to be determined by the sovereign state, not by any world government, and most certainly not from deluded individuals from the loony Left.

    3.) You also show a lack of understanding of what Israel is all about, of why the continued “right of return” for Jews is so important.

    In a world void of anti-Semitism, there wouldn’t be a need such a policy. For the very same reasons, nor would there be a continuous dirty terrorist war being waged against the Sate of Israel by the Arabs, as well as an equally dirty war of propaganda being waged by Europe.

    4.) The overwhelming majority of Israelis favor the immigration of Jews world wide to Israel. Being a “safety release valve” for anti-Semitism by the worlds population, Jews need a place to go in times of trouble. The recent surge in emmigration of French Jews and German Jews to Israel proves my point.

    5.) The only reason why Arabs have lost “close to everything” is due to failed Arab policies. Instead of concentrating on removing the “Jewish entity” from the heart of the Muslim Arab world, (a gross act of racism and religious supremacy) they could have been building decent futures for their people.

    Truth is, the Arab world could really care less for the “Palestinians”, they are more interested in directing the masses attention towards Israel, and away from their own misrule. It helps to keep themselves in power. Nothing like a good (imagined) enemy to rally the home team.

    6.) Israel is under no obligation to allow 200 000 actual Arab refugees and their millions of decendents into Israel, who would not be loyal to the Jewish state.

    That kind of thinking is pure lunacy.

    What should have happened to the displaced Arabs, was for their host states to allow them full citizenship, in much the same way ALL OTHER REFUGEES HAVE FOUND PERMANENT HOMES IN THE LANDS THEY ENDED UP IN.

    How arrogant the Arabs are, to start wars against Israel which create refugees, then refuse them citizenship when they land in their own shores.

    Keeping them in squalid camps…”EVEN IN THE WB AND GAZA” is not right. I say end UNRWA, place them all in the full care of the UNHRC that takes care of the rest of the world’s refugees and find them homes within the states they reside.

    7.) The Jewish settlements are not illegal, the LON/UN gave Jews the permission to settle those areas ages ago. Since the Arabs rejected the two state solution in 48′, both Judea and Samaria became undefined territory once again. It then became disputed territory after 67′ when Israel gained control over it through a war not of its choosing.

    8.) Fact. Jews were the majority in the areas they settled, and it was those areas that were set to become an eventual homeland for a Jewish state.

    To state otherwise, is to claim that “whites in the state of NY make up the majority in black Harlem”. *L* KGS

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