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Leftist Brain Washing of Finnish Society, a Case Study.

The Helsingin University periodical, “The Yliopisto“, offers another stark example of just how deeply rooted the phenomenon of anti-Israelism –and its close cousin of anti-Semitism– is, within the halls of Finnish academia.
The Yliopisto magazine manages yet again to transform a seemingly neutral issue (the fact that the UN expects next Martin Scheinin to produce a report from Israel, South Africa and the USA) into implicit Israel-bashing – the whole story starts with Israel and continues with a bashing of the US and (of course) “multinational enterprises”.

The UN seems to have found once more its own “alibi Jew” to do its “dirty work!” (this time a Finn!): In number 9/2007 of Yliopisto-lehti there is a big interview (by Virve Pohjanpalo) with Martin Scheinin on pages 50-52. The title is “How does Big Brother watch?” (Kuinka isoveli valvoo?), and the preamble says:

“Martin Scheinin kiertää maailmaa ja tutkii, mitten likaisin keinoin terrorismin vastaista taistelua käydään” (Martin Scheinin goes around the world and investigates how dirty are the means by which the fight against terrorism is undertaken).

The story itself starts like this (the whole excerpt is from page 51):
“Israel’s security wall is directed towards the spot of a Bedouin home, in such a way that they are left confined. A former life is now on the other side of an army inspection point. Israelis send the daughters along a school path only when it assured that they aren’t a security risk to the settlements. The inspections are done by female soldiers, but that doesn’t satisfy the Bedouin father: the girls shouldn’t be touched, otherwise they won’t go to school. Who is right and who is wrong?

Is the inspection of clothing a humiliation or is the father using a disproportionate use of patriarchal power? Who should be protected and whose affairs needs attending (editor: intrusive measures)? The answers are not always clear, admits UN Special Rapporteur, Martin Scheinin. I don’t belong to the school of legal experts, according to which the state is always the main protector of its citizens safety.

In a free society, there are communities and ethnic groups that can manage themselves. Control over internal groups needs to be in any case, supplemented by international control, in order that the implementation of justice is assured, said Scheinin. – I want to defend the Islamic right to wear the burka, but also defend the right not to wear it.”

[Note: Martin Scheinin is a Professor of Constitutional and International Law, Director of the Institute for Human Rights Institute for Human Rights. He also belonged to the Finnish communist Party and was elected as its chairman in 1981.]

“Questions about Israel twirl in Scheinin’s thoughts after a July visit. The UN has given him authority to follow how the War on Terror has made it difficult for the implementation of human rights, and the organization is awaiting a report on Israel, S.Africa and the US. Scheinin knows well, that alot of noise is expected. – Whatever you say of Israel, some one gets angry. But that’s ok, the professor shakes his head with a smile.”

Other articles, 1.) here and 2.) here by Virve Pohjanpalo points to the same kind of reporting. The Yliopisto journalist is a part of precisely that university/intellectual elite which:
  1. is dominant in Finland’s university system and

  2. holds ferociously negative attitudes towards Israel, and

  3. uses all its professional power to disseminate it.

Pohjanpalo does it by choosing who to interview and present in the University of Helsinki journal. She is backed up by the institution itself, as the University chose Helena Ranta 1.) to be its University of Helsinki Alumni of the year 2004. Thus Ranta is allowed to spread the message:
“Now nobody will ever know whether the Israelis destroyed the oxygen bottle store of a hospital or stopped ambulances from arriving at the scene. Neither will we know for sure whether a certain building was actually an explosives factory for Palestinian suicide terrorists, as the Israeli soldiers claimed. We would have had a plan to investigate this,” Ranta says”.
Another example of an institutionalized conglomeration of this dangerous elite is the recent Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research at the University of Helsinki. Academy Professor Matti Koskenniemi (international law, 2.) is a typical representative, again allowed to spread the message in Virve Pohjanpalo’s article:
“It is not difficult to guess which the Supreme Court of Israel will prioritise, the Palestinian rights or the security of their own state,” says Koskeniemi. “

These people propagate total moral relativism: anything goes, as long as it is the global majority’s view. Koskenniemi thus thinks that “(a)s long as there is no international constitution – and none seems forthcoming – no one set of norms can have priority over any other.” The same lack of moral responsibility (or blind belief in global democracy) is reflected in another member of the Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research, Prof. Heikki Patomäki 2.).
He obviously wants to pave the way for sharia and other kinds of legal systems alien to all the moral values we know:
“If the development of the international community and globalisation takes a Kantian path in this sense, no laws that would offer anything significantly new will be written. The world would probably be increasingly dominated by one model or state, the West or the United States.”
The careful reader will realize which “economic theory” lurks behind the whole ideological setup of this frightfully powerful elite:
“Several research projects at the Centre of Excellence in Global Governance Research share a desire to see beyond the processes and models of ‘today’s West’. Historically speaking, one of the issues is how neoclassical economics have become dominant in economic debate all over the world. How has one theory gained such a foothold that a certain type of economic behaviour can be claimed to be natural and inevitable?”
Special thanks to Tundraman for the detailed analysis. Prof. Patomäki and Koskeniemi are longing for a revival of socialist ideals and governmental planning on a global scale, that much is plain for all to see.
I have often spoken about the institutionalization of a select “mindthink” within Finland. This “coded way of thinking” permeates through every Finnish public and governmental institution, which is a direct result of having Marxists and Leninists being at the controls of its centers of learning, and its media.
Though the political Leftist ideology that raised the Iron Curtain in the 40’s has fallen almost a couple of decades ago, the complete lack of debate with the halls of the academy (social sciences) and in the media –as well as the intimidation imposed by those in the political, academic and news media arena, on others who dare to dissent– proves that Finns are still being strangled by this discredited ideology today. KGS
Note: Sol sent the following observation to the Tundra Tabloids. “Sounds like you guys are up against what the rest of Europe (and to a lesser extent the US) is up against — a university and media elite with their heads up their asses.”

Ditto Sol.  KGS

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