Iraq N.Korea Nukes Syria

Syrian Nuclear Ambitions…….

I’ve been busy reading all the news reports and commentaries, but I’m still not convinced, yet. Before I believe that there is any fire to the smoke of any nuclear ambitions on the behalf of the Syrians, –and that if there is any help in the project, it’s solely the N.Koreans– I will have to see some pretty convincing evidence for it.

And above all, I want to find concrete evidence that the convoys of trucks that headed across the border into Syria from Iraq just before Operation Iraqi Freedom began, did not contain any of the nuclear material and equipment that the N.Koreans are supposedly helping the Syrians with today. There are too many questions and not enough answers to offer any kind of personal opinion on the subject. More here, and here. *L* KGS

Update: The Jlem Post reports that the Turkish army gave Israel permission to use it’s airspace for its bombing mission somewhere inside [correction] Syria. The article makes it clear that the Turkish Islamist leadership was not in the decision making process concerning whether to give the Israeli airforce the green light or not. I’m sure the Islamist president and PM were not amused.

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