Terrorism US

Another Muslim Doctor of Death…….

This third year med-student, Houssein Zorkot, was caught in camouflage fatigues with a loaded AK-47, thankfully watchfull eyes reported this jihadi to the police.

Thanks to Debbie Schlussel, the only online commentator I’ve seen that has consistantly and successfully followed locally and nationally, every aspect of the jihadi campaign against the United States, ….is proven right yet again.

“For months,I’ve been at the forefront of writing about Muslim medical doctor terrorists, both in our midst and around the world. At first, many doubted me when I warned about Muslim doctors neglecting and allowing their Jewish (and Christian) patients to die. They doubted that despite the long and ever-growing list of Muslim doctors involved in Islamic terrorism. Then, there was the foiled British Islamic doctor terrorist plots. And people took note, especially since those doctors planned to come here. And, as I’ve noted, a number of the Muslim doctors who are aiding and abetting terrorists are right in my backyard in Dearbornistan, Michigan”

More here. *L* KGS

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