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The HS Disseminates The Big "Little" Fib While Under Reporting The Whole Story…….

The Finnish capital’s main news daily, the Left leaning Helsingin Sanomat, manages just a few lines to describe what happened in Brussels yesterday, the scene of a peaceful demonstration (until the police got involved) protesting against the Islamization of Europe.

The HS’s online version of the paper squeezes out three sentences to a story headlined: “Kymmeniä pidätettiin Belgiassa islamin vastaisessa mielenosoituksessa / Tens arrested in anti-Islam demonstration in Belgium” .

Well well, they didn’t waste time in distorting the story did they?

The headline should have read “Tens of demonstrators arrested in the anti-Islamization of Europe demonstration in Brussels.” The demonstration wasn’t against Islam itself, but against the European policies that allow a creeping encroachment of Islamist based (sharia driven) directives that go against our liberal democratic traditions.

The HS then finishes the job in the paper edition, (to an equally short article) by labeling those who participated as “right-wing extremists“, though radical Left-wing protesters (those wearing face masks and chanting death to America and Israel) are regularly defined as being just …”activists”.

Apparently, the HS didn’t think it necessary to report that EU members of parliament were also among those being arrested, and that an agreement had been reached between the police and the organizers of the protest, that if they were to remain in place and not march as was initially intended, they would be left alone, unmolested.

Paul Beilin, editor of The Brussels Journal, who was witness to the goonish behavior of the Belgian police, said that “he had proof that such assurances were offered.” Click here.

Why is it that the HS is not reporting all of the facts? Why would its editors not want to cover the demonstration in a more detailed way? If they had, they would have found out that the police were referring to the protesters they were arresting as “Sale Flamingant” (Dirty Flemish-secessionists).

Once again, ideology rules over journalistic ethics of impartiality. Why else would they (and the rest of the Finnish media) choose not to report on a very news worthy incident? That’s why the blogosphere (in spite of many short comings) is so important. The Tundra Tabloids understand that. *L* KGS

Note: Paul Beilin observes that: “Yesterday, the Neo Nazis, which the Brussels authorities had said were coming to Brussels to join the anti-Islamization demonstration, were nowhere to be seen. This is hardly surprising. For Neo Nazis the Jews, not the Muslims, are the enemy.”

Update: The Keskisuomalainen continues in the same mode, but in the wooden version, the online is subcription only. Their headline in today’s paper reads as following: “Islamin vastustajat rynnivät kaduille/ Demonstrators against Islam rush through the streets”.

Now if that just don’t beat all. Nowhere were demonstrators RUSHING THROUGH THE STREETS. At least from what we who have been following the demo have been able to ascertain. The article goes on further to restate that it was “anti-Islam demonstrators”, in spite of the fact that it was against the Islamization of Europe at the hands of Europes appeasing leaders. For example, the Danish blogger Exile, was participated in the Demo explains:

“I want to make it clear why I am going to be there at the demo. I am not going there for a puch-up. I intend to demonstrate peacefully. If I am attacked, I will defend myself. I will not provoke anybody unnecessarily. My arguement is with our politicians. It is not with Islam or muslims. Not on Tuesday in Brussels, at least. It is our politicians who are caving in to muslim pressure and the threat of muslim violence.

They only have themselves to blame for the position they are in now. Had they, from the beginning, refused to bow to this pressure and change our laws to accomodate Islam, then islamisation would not be a point of discussion. Indeed, it would not exist. The muslims cannot islamise Europe. Only our lawmakers can. And they must be stopped. “

Shame once again, on the Finnish media. *L* KGS

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