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Ex-Hostage Terry Waite Believes in Al-Qaida Moderates…….

This goes way beyond parody. If the winds are right and you listen quietly, you’ll hear the sound jihadi laughter drifting over the hills from far away northern Pakistan.

Granted that Terry Waite had endured much –beatings, threats and long stretches of solitary confinement– during his captivity at the hands of Islamic Jihad thugs in Beirut Lebanon, but his belief (that is solely what it is) that al-Qaida contains a “moderate” wing (here we go again with that word), is downright ignorant.

“Dialogue is the way forward,” Waite, noting past talks with the African National Congress in South Africa and the IRA in Northern Ireland. “My own experience is that you can talk to those whose positions seem impossible.”

The parties just mentioned –in spite of the many dead in both conflicts– did not value their ideologies more than their lives. They were not suicidal, messianically driven whack jobs, that believed they could usher in a new utopian era on a global scale. Not even the Communists nor the Nazis where that crazed.

Again we see well meaning talking heads believing that the grand elixir of “dialogue” can solve every problem, or fix any dilemma. It’s not true with Hamas anymore than it’s true with Hezbollah or the present Iranian regime. It just ain’t so. More here. *L* KGS

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