Paleostinians Sweden Terrorism

Oh Mona! Sweden’s SDP Leader Experiences Palestinian Qassam Attack…….

Former Swedish minister, Mona Sahlin (SDP), received yesterday, a taste of what it’s like to be under fire from Palestinian terrorists.

“Social Democrat leader Mona Sahlin was forced to take shelter during her visit to Sderot in southern Israel when a Kassam rocket exploded at a nearby school. Sderot, a town located close to the Gaza border, has dominated the news in Israel this week with parents keeping their children out of school until the government takes action to prevent the rocket attacks.

At lunchtime on Thursday, as Sahlin paid a visit to one of the schools affected by the bombing, the Kassam alarm began to sound.”Two Kassam rockets hit the city. One of them didn’t explode but the other one did,”

One could hope that the experience offers the “shaken” Swedish Social Democrats’ leader, a chance to understand more deeply, just how frightening these terror attacks are for the civilian population. Hopefully she relays her experience to her Social Democrat “comrades”, bringíng them closer to a more “realistic understanding” of Israel’s security measures. More here. *L* KGS

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