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For those of you who are still unsure about the odious intentions of certain Muslim groups in the West, you don’t have to look any further than the Association of Muslim Lawyers (UK).

Thanks to the Sheik for digging this one up, he exposes this group of Muslim Islamist professionals who believe that:

“Based on divine revelation, Islam has always acted as a filter – which retains what is good in a society while removing what is harmful.”

Like free speech, women’s rights, separation of religion and state and democracy. I’d go on, but you know what I’m getting at. The same page also gives us a hint at what they want to implement in British society:

Aims and Objectives of AML

To promote the provision of legal advice and assistance to anyone in need of justice, irrespective of their nationality, ethnic or racial origins, colour, gender, or religious beliefs.

To promote the legal rights of Muslims and the availability of advice in accordance with the Shari’ah of Islam.

To promote research into both the Shari’ah and English law with regard to specific social, political and legal issues, and to hold seminars and publish the results of any such research

To facilitate the achievement of a fair and just society by means such as increasing understanding, educating and lobbying.

To facilitate entry into the legal profession for men and women, and to assist them in the furtherance of their legal development.

To liaise and co-operate with any other individuals or organizations who are willing and able to assist in the realization of these Objectives.

To do all such things as shall be conducive to the attainment of the above.

This is nothing more than the “Prime Directive” of the Islamist code of ethics. They’ll do everything within their power to get Islamic law established in Britain as a legal code, then work just as hard to do away with the existing laws of jurisprudence, that are in conflict with Islam.

Failure to do so, will be considered by these “IslamOlawyers”, as a violation of “Muslim human rights.” The nerve, like human rights were a Muslim invention. The other interesting part is their focus on “squelching any legitimate criticism” of Islam, that of course will have to be outlawed.

Those of us who follow these issues don’t have to look very far to see what kind of enemy is residing within our shores, working against our democracies. Do ALL Muslims work and endeavour to bring about an Islamist state within western democracies? Of course not. But that’s not the point.

There are very active “professional” members within their religious societies who are intent on doing just that (for the rest of the faithful, whether they want it or not) and they’re not meeting very much resistance. If the Islamists were in fact being resisted in a very vocal way…like in the op-ed section of the newspapers, their stories would be told…especially here at the Tundra Tabloids.

But since there isn’t much of a peep to be heard –in any meaningful way– from Muslims who are fed up with the neanderthal coreligionists (=Islamists) within their faith, one can only assume that they are in league with them. Either proactively or submissively, with the latter being the result of intimidation or coercion,.. or both.

As the Sheik says: * Why don’t we start listening to them? More here on what the Centre For Social Cohesion has to say about them. *L* KGS

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