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Finnish Islamic Party Still Blue Eyed…….

Yesterday offered the first opportunity for the Finnish media and the Finnish public to become acquainted with the representatives of Finland’s very first Islamic Party.
Finnish Islamic Party spokesman, Abdullah Tammi presented the ideals of his organization in a very open way, one could even say in a very “blue eyed” or naive way. Being “blue eyed in Finnish, is synonymous with being overtly naive or even simplistic.
Fellow Finnish blogger Vasarahammer noted in the comment section of yesterday’s post that:
“Actually I hope these people get a chance to make a fool of themselves. Meanwhile they will teach Finnish people some essential truths about islam a lot better than Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila ever could. From what it seems these guys are not very bright. They are nothing like the slick spokesmen of muslim organizations in other countries. They don’t know how to use taqiyya, at least not yet, and they will just blurt out their support for sharia law just like that.”
The blogger Vasarahammer is of course correct. At least for now, the FIP is a grossly inexperienced party that has been for the most part,…”winging it”. In revealing some of their prime objectives so easily and freely, –like Tammi’s admission that the FIP would like to see Sharia (Islamic law) implemented in Finland– proves that they are not only an “Islamist” Muslim Party, but that they’re not yet gifted in the art of “taqiyya”, or Islamic deception, as well.
Vasarahammer points out in his post that Abdullah Tammi and friends have high hopes in studying Islam in Medina, and that the more Tammi and Mustafa Karan from the Tampere Islamic Society give voice to their ideas, …the better. It will bring people to question the claim of Islam being a “religion of peace”.
Finns will not take too kindly to people who insist that the drinking of alcohol be banned, nor that they submit to their prophet Mohamed, and his god, Allah. Nor will Finns be endeared to the prospect of being subjected to harsh, anti-liberal, anti-democratic Islamic law, Sharia. The comment section to the Helsingin Sanomat’s article of yesterday’s press conference was most revealing, 95% of the comments were decisively against the FIP.
Only time will tell when the Finnish “revert” (Jewish & Christian converts to Islam) Abdullah Tammi loses his “blue eys”, in exchange for the more “polished and deceptive” way of speaking and handling the media and politicians, like Tariq Ramadan.
Abdullah Tammi stated that his organization hasn’t any connections to international Islamic groups, (so he says), so it’ll be interesting to see how, or better yet “who”, ends up funding Tammi and fellow member’s stay in the Saudi kingdom. For now, I intend to sit back and watch the show. KGS

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