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Finland’s First Islamic Party Intends to Run For Parliament……!

It begins with this. “Last Saturday’s meeting established the Finnish Islamic Party, which intends to gather 5000 signatures for their registration by the end of the year. The party already intends to place candidates in next years municipal elections around the capital.”

If there was ever a wake up call for the Finnish “fence sitting” Left, it’s this.

“The intention is also to participate in the 2011 parliament elections, says party spokesman, Abdullah Tammi. Party members are only a few dozen. The party platform includes the eliminating of alcohol from stores, the freeing of Muslims from school curriculum’s that contradicts Islam.”

Also of equal importance:

We believe that we’ll get into the Parliament, there is 55 000 Muslims in Finland, we believe that we’ll get many thousands of voter support, Tammi predicts.”

It sounds like these Muslims are over inflating their numbers here, like CAIR does in the US. In any case, this represents the first time that Finnish Muslims, and Muslims living in Finland –the latter are able to vote in municipal elections if they have a permanent residence– are starting to raise their profile. I will look with expectation on reporting more about this group in the future. *L* KGS

Update: I am reminded of a recent story of Muslims actively proselytizing in the streets of Helsinki, and recognized a familiar name Abdullah Tammi (Finnish convert Risto Tammi), from the Islam Aika Society. IMHO, it’s only a matter of time before the Leftists join hands with this group to help them get into parliament, all in the name of multiculturalism.

But then again, Leftists here in Finland are well known for their affection for hard booze. A trait they share with their ideological cousins to the east.

Update: The Baron forwards me the following link. Here is more info on what this party wants to implement in Finland. About changing school’s to suit Islam, Abdullah Tammi offers these pearls:

That Muslim children wouldn’t have to attend music classes or trips to the swimming hall, which according to Tammi, go against Islam. In addition, the Islamic party wants halal (ritual animal killing) and male circumcision to be given legal status. Tammi was asked if the party wants in the long run, sharia law (Islamic law) in Finland.”

That would be great“, said Tammi. He observed that the law’s purpose was to prevent crime” According to Tammi, the party isn’t seeking powers of position. Also the group isn’t connected to any international Muslim organizations, but being the product of Finnish needs.

In the press meeting, the party members were Finnish born, but the supporter group intends to enlist all ethnic groups.”

Well well, existing Finnish laws are not good enough for the Islamists, and I doubt very seriously that they would reject a position of power if it ever came their way. *L* KGS

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  1. Actually I hope these people get a chance to make a fool of themselves. Meanwhile they will teach Finnish people some essential truths about islam a lot better than Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila ever could.

    From what it seems these guys are not very bright. They are nothing like the slick spokesmen of muslim organizations in other countries. They don’t know how to use taqiyya, at least not yet, and they will just blurt out their support for sharia law just like that.

  2. The more these Islamofascists expose their intolerant, colonizing agenda, the more the Finns will treat them like they did the invading Soviets in WW II.

  3. It’s called Democracy. Also representation. Finland has seen all sorts of nutty parties come and go. They even have a party named after a former ruler (Swedish Party). That is like having the “King George Party” in the US. Although the GOP is pretty much a King George Party right now.

  4. I wonder if the Finish People really what to know about any essential truths about Islam?

    You are in someone eles’s country
    they are not in yours!

    The Finish People will only take so much of your intrusion. Wher good Muslim go Radical Muslims follow.

    Why don’t you people stop forcing yourselves on other people?

    If you homeland is holy to you, go back to it! You are taunting good people, you are digging a hole for yourselves, that you may not be able to claim out of. Go home and live where you kind of justice is tolerated.

  5. islam is a very peaceful religion. we should not be very much driven by propaganda that focuses on the shameful images, muslims count for 1.5 billion (1/4 of the world’s population). media is dominated by jews that’s why they only transmit bad images of islam.
    16 million jews are bringing much much more horror and terrorism to the world.
    they were behind the crusification

  6. Islam peaceful???!!! I´m sorry but that shows clearly that either you don´t know anything about islam, or you don´t accept what true islam is all about… i´m very sorry for you but hoping that one day you would accept it. Find it out yourself. By the way if you mean Jesus in that crusification, jews didn´t do it it was Roman way to torture to death. And Jesus was a Jew.

  7. daenku32>

    You claim that Finland have a party named after former ruler Sweden, that is incorrect. The party you refer to is SFP, Svenska Folkpartiet, which translates to Party Of The Swedish People, not Swedish Party. The thing is, that just like Canada, Finland is multilingual, having two recogniez minoritys, the Swedish speakins and the Sami, which both are finnish citizens born here. Since the indepence of Finland it has been declared bilingual, namely Finnish and Swedish, and many influential people have been swedish speaking, such as the commander-in-chief Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim during WW2. So the SFP party simly represents a portion of Finlands regular population, it has nothing to do with foreigners och immigrants or former rulers or anything. It is purely in the interests of a minority.

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