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I Can’t Let This One Go…….

Finnish YLE has alot to answer for. In response to a recent post, Al Avai, fellow contributor to the Tundra Tabloids, comes up with an amazing parallel that highlights the bias of the YLE article, which casts Israel as the aggressor in a story’s headline, though Israel is clearly the victim of an unprovoked attack.

Al Avai: You are correct, this is a blatant example of YLE turning the news in such a way as to always make Israel the aggressor. Sort of like this:


The Helsinki police department issued a threat today to a Finnish citizen they barely know.

This threat was issued in response to an event late last night in Kaisaniemi park. A woman was returning home through the park, when a Finnish-speaking assailant pushed her to the ground and attempted to rape her.

[deleted: The woman was treated for shock at a local hospital.]

The woman escaped unharmed. The Finnish police have nevertheless been issued with a warrant for his arrest, and a spokesman warned him to “come forward or face certain arrest and prosecution.

Tundraman adds: This parallel is brilliant – it should be sent to YLE!

I’ll also add, that it should be plastered on the walls throughout the entire YLE establishment, so that there wouldn’t be a repeat of the following:

Israeli prime minister threatens Hamas

Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert warned the Palestinians that rockets attacks directed at Israel from Gaza will have consequences. According to Olmert, Israel will seek those behind the rocket attacks regardless of who and where they are.

Israel’s prime minister announced his views today about the rocket and grenade fire launched at Israel from Gaza. One round went off near a day care center in the city of Sderot.

No one was either hurt or injured. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization announced that it was behind the attack.

The Israeli parliament’s foreign and defense committee spokesman, Tzahi Hanegbi, estimated, that Israel will have to soon initiate a wide operation in Gaza to end the rocket attacks.

Gaza has been from the middle of June under the Hamas organizations control after Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas’ supporters were banished.

The folks at YLE have a very long way to go before they can even be considered, not being overtly hostile towards the Jewish state of Israel. *L* KGS

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  1. So let me get this straight. Telling that “no one was either hurt or injured” is being bias. That’s normal journalistic behaviour of telling results of an attack, even if there is casualties, or the casualties are low or even in the situation when there are only estimates.

  2. Definition of shock:

    “Shock: In medicine, shock is a critical condition brought on by a sudden drop in blood flow through the body. There is failure of the circulatory system to maintain adequate blood flow. This sharply curtails the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to vital organs. It also compromises the kidney and so curtails the removal of wastes from the body.

    Shock can be due to a number of different mechanisms including not enough blood volume (hypovolemic shock) and not enough output of blood by the heart (cardiogenic shock).

    The signs and symptoms of shock include low blood pressure (hypotension), overbreathing (hyperventilation), a weak rapid pulse, cold clammy grayish-bluish (cyanotic) skin, decreased urine flow (oliguria), and mental changes (a sense of great anxiety and foreboding, confusion and, sometimes, combativeness).

    Shock is a major medical emergency. It is common after serious injury. Emergency care for shock involves keeping the patient warm and giving fluids by mouth or, preferably, intravenously.”

    Shock is therefore an injury suffered by whatever calamity that caused it. The refusal of YLE to report that 12 Israeli children were admitted for shock, as well as portraying Israel in a negative active manner in the headline given to the story in which they were clearly the victim,….reflects their deep-seated bias towards Israel.

    Amazingly, you cannot see that.

    But I’ll give you the benifit of the doubt that you were unaware that “going into shock” is indeed a medical injury.

  3. I wonder when Yle discovers the BBC way to describe Qassam rockets. According to BBC, rockets are ‘crudely made and rarely cause an injury’.

    Whenever there is a Qassam attack, this phrase appears. Just google words ‘crudely made’ and

  4. Kgs: Darn shame, that Yle didn’t report that there 12 kids in shock. They should have it reported. It would be good if Yle had a comment box besides their news for public discussion. This important piece of information should have been mentioned there.

    But I wasn’t very shocked that Yle failed to report it. For example, on the same newspage there is article about East-Congo. They failed to report how many civilians have been ran away from their villages. Not to say that I would need to know it exactly or to compare it with children of another country. Just to say that, I think the main point is somewhere else.

    In the bomb attack, main point is probably in the attack itself, don’t you think?

  5. Skipping stones around the issue.

    When comparing headlines given to articles in which Israel is the aggressor party in the story, the headlines without fail mention Israel.

    When Palestinians are involved in actions against Israel, the incident itself is mentioned “or even Israel”, but hardly next to never…the word..Palestinian.

    Besides, this is a story in which Israel is not only the clear victim, but are even mentioned in the headline in an active/aggressive way. Not by accident, its bias.

    Though my heart goes out to the people of the Congo, and I do wish that the Congo and other places around the world were given more print space than the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, the fact remains that….the reporting on the stories to the conflict systematically cast Israel in the role of chief evil doer, while looking the other way when its the Palestinians.

    How else is one to explain the media’s sudden revelation of the DEEP CORRUPTION within the PA, but only after Arafat was dead and buried? Arafat’s billions in foreign accouints, were never front page news, until after he was dead, and then only reported in conjunction with the elections in the PA, almost giving Hamas a clean bill of health in comparison.

    Oh the media….the helpless lot.

  6. Yeah, Israelese are victims here, or israele children at least, and I don’t see how Yle made Palestinese victims here.

    I think people do know Hamas somehow. The title says that Israel’s prime minister is threatening Hamas. Same way that, let’s say, Bush threatens North-Korea. I think that Bush is by far the worst leader of the world (personal opinion of the writer), but I don’t see that making North-Korea as the victim. You probably understand the analogy. But it doesn’t mean that Yle, when writing these kinds of titles, make them bias towards North-Korea – or United States.

  7. Your analogy does not address the heart of the matter.

    The whole gist to my kvetch about the YLE article is that, even when Israelis fall victim to a Palestinian attacks, (adults count as well), the headline to the article does not reflect what happened, and ends up showing Israel as aggressive, though the Israelis were the victims of a grenade/rocket attack whose only purpose was to kill anyone that happened to by in the vicinity.

    Your analogy about Bush and N.Korea is irrelevant. The issue is not about leaders issuing threats, but about the headline to a story not reflecting the the incident that brought about the warning in the first place. These are very sublime biases practiced by the news media, and shows just where their positions lie, though they’re supposed to be practicing neutrality. Biased is as biased does.

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