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News of Banned Anti-Islamism Demonstration in Brussels Spreads…….

News of Fat Freddy Thielemans’, (Brussels’ mayor) ban of an “anti-Islamism in Europe” demonstration to be held on September 11th, has begun to make headlines around the world. Paul Belien from the Brussels Journal, has an excellent commentary on the recent developments.

Hugo Coveliers, the lawyer of the organizers of the pan-European anti-Islamization demonstration which is planned to take place in Brussels on 11 September, is taking his appeal against the ban of the demo by Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels, to another court. Earlier the organizers brought an appeal case before the Council of State (CoS), Belgium’s highest administrative court. Last Wednesday the CoS refused to overrule the ban, claiming that the organizers are unable to prove that their interests have been harmed by the refusal to demonstrate on 11 September.

Mr Coveliers has now decided to bring the case before a civil court. He is going to argue that the “subjective rights” of the organizers have been denied. If the court agrees with that argument there is a possibility that the organizers can claim damages from the Brussels mayor if he does not allow the demonstration to go ahead.”

I believe that the Belgian socialists are cutting off their noses in spite of their faces. Teaming up with the most radical of voices, while spurning those who are concerned with the future of Europe’s liberal, democratic pluralism, is idiotic, and speaks volumes of just “how out of touch with reality” fat Freddy and his friends are.

I mean really, Islamists are allowed to protest freely in the streets of Brussels, but anti-Islamists are not? Just what planet did the ol’ thunder thighs get dropped from? More here. *L* KGS

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