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Arabs Shoot Arabs, Finnish News Agency Sticks it to Israel…….

Hamas forces terrorists (no sense in playing with words here) opened fire on their own supporters yesterday, who were demonstrating against the Hamas’ closure of the Gaza-Egyptian border crossing in Rafah.

The Hamas gunmen managed to shoot dead one teenager, identified as Muhammad Qdaih, 17, while wounding several other people. What is of added interest to me, is the need for the Finnish News Service YLE, to include the following at the end of the article.

YLE: “Useat tuhannet gazalaiset palasivat Egyptistä kotiin Israelin kautta, mutta sadat Hamasin jäsenet jäivät eristyksiin Egyptiin koska he pelkäsivät tulevansa pidätetyiksi Israelissa.

Translation: “Many thousands of Gazans have returned home from Egypt via Israel, but hundreds of Hamas members have remained isolated in Egypt, because they fear they will be arrested upon their arrival into Israel.( EditorOh boo-freaking-hoo)

In a move that can’t be described as anything but a “knee jerk” reaction by a biased media, the Finnish news service couldn’t refrain themselves from including something negative (kicking sand in the eye) about the Jewish state, in a story totally unrelated to Israel.

The border incident had everything to do with the Hamas, the Palestinians and Egypt. In other words, pure Arab on Arab violence, but the biased news station couldn’t just leave it at that, could it? More here on the shooting. *L* KGS

Hat tip: Vasarahammer

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