Arafat video

A Walk Down Memory Lane With The Late ‘Light in The Saddle’ Palestinian Leader…….

Kumitonttu adds: “I am very surprised – I had no idea of that! Perhaps there will be Arab scarves wearing the heads of the gays in the next Rainbow parade!”

Indeed. *L* KGS

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  1. Only a stupid, uneducated racist can be so infantile as to post crap like this. Your children are, or will one day be, terribly embarrassed that they even know you.

    Have you no concern for your credibility? You will never be taken seriously after this. Then again, I don’t think you ever have been; that might explain your senseless hatred towards Muslims, Arabs, and anybody who doesn’t hate them as much as you do, including most Europeans and a lot of Americans, as well as a lot of Israelis even.

    You must have a great time, hating and hating and hating.

  2. A great post, Tundra. Entertaining and true – a combination rarely found in todays politically correct world.

    My children and I are proud of you. Evil should be confronted and should not hide behind anonymous slurs, unrecognized and appreciated only by those who support it.

  3. I thank you for posting this! Arafat is a hypocrite and a liar. He was one of the worst people that ever lived. I am ashamed to be a Muslim and an Arab. How can he condemn and hate homosexuals when he participated in homosexual acts himself?

    It is very wrong of what he did not only to Israel, but also to homosexuals. I pray that Allah punishes him for hurting the Jews and Christians and also the image of Muslims the world over.

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