Israel meathead politicians

The Sheer Lunacy of it All…….

Defense Minister Ehud Barak: “Israel will not withdraw from the West Bank before finding a solution to Palestinian rocket attacks, “which will take between three to five years”.

Oh, that will relieve the concerns of every Israeli. Let me remind you that the the “new and improved” (cough, gag, wheeze) “moderate” Fattah is supposedly in charge of the WB. Why in the world should Israel be thinking about rocket attacks coming from the WB area if these “moderates” are in charge?

D.Schlussel has a good angle on it here. I can’t imagine how these “slapstick politicians” ever manage to find the floor in the morning, without first sliding off the bed straight to the wall. The sheer lunacy of it all, which sees Israel buying up old weapons from former terrorists who give very flimsy promises of their renouncing violence –then rearming them– all the while they (Israel) knows that rocket attacks are to be EXPECTED from the areas of the WB after an Israeli withdrawal.

Real great logic. As Curly would say: Nyuk, nyuk nyuk. More here. *L* KGS

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