Arafat Islamic Intolerance video

Arafat’s Own Doctor Admits That Yasser Died From AIDS…….

By way of Debbie Schlussel. It’s also important to note what Debbie reminds us:

“I’ve always said that he was gay, that he died of AIDS (I said so on the day of his death on the Howard Stern Show and, later, on this site–here and here), and that the daughter his wife bore is the product of someone else’s sperm or artificial insemination of his. That’s important, not only because of his hypocrisy, but because gays are persecuted by the Palestinian “government(s),” including with the death penalty.”

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  1. I am very surprised – I had no idea of that!

    Perhaps there will be Arab scarves wearing the heads of the gays in the next Rainbow parade!

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