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Of Distortions and Obfuscations…….

The Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s premier anti-Israel rag daily, does it again with a whopper of an editorial. The “highly sophisticated and tuned in” editorial board of the HS lays a “steaming pile” for today’s newspaper edition, in:

“Olmert ja Abbas hamuavat toisiltaan poliittista apua / Olmert and Abbas grasp each other for support”

Basically the bottom line in the editorial is that Israel is the great staller, both sides are weak, and the only thing that can be hoped for is the continued raking of Hamas over the coals. But the HS editorial board can’t help itself from sticking it to Israel, by claiming it was “for the most part to blame for the failure of Oslo”.

What a hopelessly lost case they are. “Myös suurin toivein aloitettu Oslon prosessi 1990-luvulla epäonnistui suurelta osalta siksi, että Israel jatkoi sen kaikkien vaiheiden läpi laittomien siirtokuntiensa kasvattamista palestiinalaisten mailla.”

“Also Oslo process started with great hope in the 90’s failed for the most part, because Israel continued through every stage, the enlarging of the illegal settlements on Palestinian land.”

Never mind that this is all a load of nonsense, even the Haaretz, Israel’s premier left wing daily admits that between 1993-2000 (according to its comprehensive study) Israel only built one new permanent settlement. The rest were expanding INSIDE their settlements due to the natural population growth.

The Oslo period is marked by Arafatian intransigence while he promoted jihad, instilled a climate of hatred and a culture of death. Today both sides are living with his legacy, and all the Helsingin Sanomat can manage to say is that “it’s the settlements”. That’s their only mantra, their default position, which they learned well from their Palestinian handlers and like ilk.

Like a record caught in a lone groove that keeps spinning and spinning around, the HS editorial board (as well as its foreign news section) parrot bald faced lies and factually incorrect news stories and opinions, over and over again. Oh the lies they tell.

The last line tells it all:

“Elleivät Abbas ja Israelin hallitus joko nöyryytä järjestöä perin pohjin tai pääse sen kanssa johonkin kompromissiin, mikään ratkaisu ei ole kestävä. Tuskinpa Hamasin nöyryyttäminen onnistuu. / Either Abbas and the Israeli government humiliates the organization thouroughly or reaches a compromise with it, no solution is lasting. Hardly the humiliation of Hamas will succeed.”

The HS is so very frustrated that the Hamas has openly proved themselves to be the very group of fanatical, intolerant genocidal, religious supremacists we all knew them to be. They really want to believe in the myth that Hamas can indeed become pragmatic. What a bunch of self delusional fools.

Note: If anyone wants to know what really happened during those years, click here, here and here.

Tundraman: “What strikes me as most appalling is the systematic tendency in this Editorial to call for acknowledgement of the legal way in which Hamas came into power (election) and to use this as a compelling reason not to ignore Hamas, while, at the same time, totally ignoring the ILLEGAL means by which Hamas overthrew Fatah in Gaza and thus gained dominance there. The Editorial thus tacitly supports the illegal means used by Hamas (violence) by failing to condemn them and by failing to draw the obvious conclusion: a legally elected group who uses illegal means to gain dominance over its legal partner in the government has lost its mandate.”

Al Avai: ” A good comparison is with the Nazis, who were also elected as one of the government parties in 1933 with close to 50% of the votes. They went on, in July1933, to ban all other political parties as well as the establishment of new ones. Are we therefore to assume that the Nazis, because they were once elected likewise continued in their legitimacy? If so, they should be restored now and their “humiliation” ended.

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