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Sweden Risks Becoming Base For Terrorism…….

The Local reports:Sweden’s security service, Säpo, has warned that there is a risk that Sweden could be used as a base for recruitment of terrorists. At least 20 Swedes have been arrested around the world on suspicion of terror offences since 2001.”There is a risk of Sweden becoming a recruiting base for terrorists, and a base for the financing and planning of attacks in other countries,” said Säpo’s information director, Anders Thornberg, to Svenska Dagbladet.”

This is all very interesting, but sadly at the same time, all too predictable. What is one to expect, when the Swedish justice system takes measures to ensure that radicalized Islamist messages against Jews and the West are assured full protection under Swedish law?

This might help to explain why almost 40% of Muslims in Sweden hold anti-Semitic views, a classic case of cause and effect at play, that has been completely and intentionally overlooked due to the adherence of a political correctness run amok.

Ironically, while the Swedish police authorities report the likelihood of Sweden becoming a base for terrorism, its justice system fosters that likely event. Not very smart. More here. *L* KGS

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