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Norway Severs Ties With Hamas…….

A major wrong corrected. Norway had foolishly resumed its contacts with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas last March, after Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas’ Meshaal and Haniyeh –having smooched the stone in Mecca and apparently heeded the Saudis advice– agreed to form a unity government.

Hamas was playing lip service to the idea of reforming itself –in a supposed democratic display of pluralistic power sharing with Fattah– all the while they held no intention of doing anything of the kind. The liberal media and think tanks were eating it up, “see I told you so, Hamas can be pragmatic when it has to“…., at least so went the thinking.

It was all a whole bag cow dung from the very beginning, but it sure caused excitement in the camp of the naive Left and with other appeasement dhimmified think-a-likes. If I said this once, I’ve said it a thousand times, Hamas can’t be expected to distance itself from the very same platform (the destruction of the Jewish state) that its own existence depends upon.

It will use any means available to fool the West into believing that it can become a “stabilizing factor” in Palestinian politics, all the while it plans, observes and allows others to commit atrocities against Israel within its jurisdiction. The Dogmoush clans’ kidnapping of Alan Johnston is such a case, in which they subcontracted a kidnapping of a well known British journalist in order to reap any subsequent windfall of credibility from the West.

There are a many non-Muslim foreigners living within Gaza that have been “taken in” by the Hamas’ show of “Law & Order”, which is nothing more than a stark example of how the mafia operated in Chicago during the 20 and 30’s. Melanie Phillips has a good article on how the Hamas keeps trying to fool the West in order to break its international political boycott.

Like the attempted bribes of Elliot Ness’ men by Al Capone, the Hamas seeks ways of alleviating its own troubles like in the kidnapping and hostage release of Alan Johnston. Unlike Ness, there are many dithering fools who really want to believe in the goodness, pragmatism of thugs and tyrants, when their actions are nothing more than …smoke and mirrors. *L* KGS

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