Islamic brutality Islamic misogyny video

Female Equality Within Islam Revealed…….

Though many within Islam say women are accredited with equal status, nothing better dispels this myth than the voices of Islamic authority who define Islam. Since “wife beating” is a universally shared trait within that religion, one must assume that the Islamic world (the majority) truly believes that the barbaric practice of knocking around one’s wife, is sanctioned by their God.

That many within Islam can hold these two diametrically apposing thoughts, all the while claiming the higher moral ground….speaks for itself. Listen closely to the woman speaking about the “cable phenomenon”. Pure barbarism. *L* KGS

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  1. *BAM!* Kick it up a notch!

    Yep, beating your wife is “therapy!” ZOMG! No meal waiting? Just beat her to teach her a lesson. Problem solved… wow. I wonder if his next meal is his last. “Dear, I hope you enjoyed your meal- rat poison surprise!”

    Hear that? Stop watching TV and get in the kitchen! *BAM!*
    What was that libs? allah said it was ok… so don’t dare say anything lest you offend someone!

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