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Egyptian Border Guards Lynch Sudanese Refugees Israeli Soldiers Tried to Save…….

This is a story that tears at the heart. Over a thousand Sudanese refugees have made their way into Israel –this year alone– to escape not only the genocidal machine of the Sudanese government, but also the inhuman treatment many have suffered at the hands of their fellow co-religionists (Muslims) in Egypt. Here is a sad but typical case in point.

The four refugees were caught by Egyptian border guards and were mercilessly beaten to death, as Israeli soldiers were helpless to intervene by the mere fact that the brutality taking place, was happening on the other side of the border.

“Israel’s Channel 10 reported that the four were spotted late Wednesday night by an Israeli military unit near the border. A soldier from the unit, who spoke anonymously to the TV channel, said the Egyptian border police fired many rounds of bullets at the refugees, killing two and injuring one.

The fourth refugee tried to climb the border fence. The Israeli soldiers, in what they described as a ‘tug-of-war,’ said they tried to pull him over to their side, but the Egyptians overpowered them and captured him.

A shocked and audibly shaken soldier told the channel he and others from his unit heard screams of agony as they helplessly watched the Egyptian soldiers then beat the two refugees to death. They called the incident a ‘lynch.’

These Muslim refugees knew that ‘if they could only cross the border into Israel that they would have been safe’. And the majority of the UN sits in judgement of the Jewish state for “supposed crimes” it commits in the defence of its citizens, while the states of the Non-Aligned Movement consistantly trample on the human rights of their own people and others.

What is also sickening, is that the UN allows these habitual human rights violating states to sit on the Human Rights Council. Truly sickening indeed. More here. *L* KGS

Note: Solomonia puts it succinctly; “They can’t keep Hamas from smuggling in weapons, but unarmed desperate people, those they can beat to death.”

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