Jihad Junkies Paleostinians Terrorism

Palestinian PRC: PM Salam Fayyad is Dead if "Armed Struggle" is Stricken…….

In other words, if those Palestinians who are “hooked on violence” (Jihad Junkies) are denied their favorite past time —of killing and injuring as many Jews as possible— then they (the PRC and ilk) will take steps to ensure that the PM will no longer be able to issue any other similar un-terrorist like edicts in the future.

“The Popular Resistance Committees threatened to physically hurt Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, according to PRC spokesman Mohammed Abdel Al, who spoke at a press conference in Gaza Saturday evening.” More here.

Be reminded that the former leader (Jamal Abu Samhadana) of this group, –of ex-Fattah, Hamas, Islmaic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyrs– was appointed by Hamas to build the new Palestinian Army back in 2006, he said that he took his marching orders from the PA president.
Now we see that the (Hezbollah influenced) PRC really does take its orders from the Hamas, which refuses to let go of its “armed struggle” (read= terrorism) against Israel. In reality, it (Hamas) is bound by its mere existence (embedded in its charter) to wage a continual war against the Jewish state, …it can’t validate its existence any other way.

Like I said earlier, I’ll believe that the PA has struck the “Armed Struggle” clause from its charter.. when I see it. *L* KGS

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