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Swedes: Intergration Not Working…….

According to the Eurobarometer survey conducted in Stockholm and Malmö, Sweden is listed as one of the worst places at integrating foreigners.

“In Malmö, only 12 percent said that foreigners who live there are well-integrated; 83 percent said they were not. A similar story was told in Stockholm, where 78 people disagreed with the statement that foreigners who live in the city were well-integrated.”

It’s not surprising that Swedes have those opinions, when they have to put up with fools like Islamist Kamal Moubadder, who wishes for the day when Islamic sharia becomes the law of the land. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Swedes are like any other citizens of any other nation state. It is difficult to become like them, even though they pretend otherwise.

    The problem is that the Swedes really believe that they are open-minded and tolerant. In reality, they are only good at disguising their intolerance.

    The sheer number of immigrants arriving to Sweden yearly makes it impossible to integrate them no matter how much the Swedes bend over backwards. The ones that remain open-minded and tolerant only do so, because they think nothing bad can ever happen to them. This is only possible in a country that hasn’t had a war in 200 years.

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