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Israeli School Textbook Mentions Nakba…….

At first glance, I was shocked when I assumed that the Israeli school system would soon begin to start teaching the Arab version on the creation of Israel. The official school curriculum will include the Grade 3 textbook labeled “Living Together in Israel“, but according to this JPost editorial:

“Far from presenting the Arab “narrative,” the text seems to be designed to open minds to the Jewish narrative, while including accurate points of reference, such as the costs of the war, that might help reconcile the distortions these students receive from their environment with the facts.”

The just of the editorial is that the Arab word “nakba” (meaning catastrophe) will be used –but defined more accurately– in that the true catastrophe was in the rejection of the Jewish state by the Arabs, and the many wars that followed, as well as all the lives lost.

“The Arab catastrophe was not the fact of Israel’s creation, but the Arab rejection of it. If the Arab world had accepted the UN partition plan and decided to live in peace with Israel, both Israel and Palestine would be celebrating their 60th anniversaries next year. All the wars and the refugee problem would not exist, and the unfathomable price imposed in blood and treasure for the failed Arab attempt to destroy Israel would have been saved.”

If not for the Arab rejectionism of Jewish nationalism and a Jewish state, the history of the area would have been completely different. The Arab states would have experienced a true renaissance of ideas and imaginations that could have been utilized in building the region into a modern day economic powerhouse, that could very well have had a moderating effect on the various Arab governments.

Could an Arab acceptance of Israel –back in the 30’s and 40’s– have had an influence on the international jihad in the present day and age? Most likely the jihadis would have used it as an example of western encroachment, remember, their fight is one of a supremacist Islamist ideology against western democratic morals and values, not over individual circumstances on the world political stage.

But I do believe that the financial flow from the Arab world into the pockets of the jihadists would have been reduced to a great extent. Their world reach might not be what it is today, if the Arabs had accepted its Jewish neighbor as an equal. There is however still hope, but what a waste of life, time, energy in the process. *L* KGS

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