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The Innocent Six Are Set Free, Dhimmi Europe Pays Its Tax…….

The five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor were finally set free in one of the grossest displays of international extortion ever. The “Innocent SIX” –that were never guilty of inflicting any of their patients with aids– endured eight years in the Stalinist nightmare called Libya, in which they were tortured (real torture) as well as some or all of the women having been raped. The Gates of Vienna has the full story here.

Finnish YLE reported on it, closing with this: “Tapausta on kuvattu skandaalimaiseksi ihmisoikeusrikkomukseksi. Se myös heikensi Libyan asemaa Euroopan maiden silmissä.”

Translation: The incident has been characterized as a human rights violation scandal. It also weakens Libya’s standing in the eyes of European countries.”

Really? The Europeans have a weird way of showing that Libya’s standing has been weakened “in their eyes” with the pay off of 400 million dollars, as well as promising all kinds of building projects ect. Just like in times of old, Europe is once again reduced to that of a dhimmi paying Muslims for either ransom or for protection of its citizens in Muslim lands. Nothing has changed. More here. *L* KGS

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