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Again Finnish Journalists Play The Stooge…….

The Keskisuomalainen includes a real tear jerker of an article (from the STT) in today’s edition of the paper. Offering up a one sided, heavily obfuscated report, STT’s Eveliina Saarine deplores the situation happening inside Gaza, and staying true to form, casts all the blame on the measures in place (Israeli/Quartet boycott) as the chief, principle reason for the mayhem and hardtimes.

Saarine: Ei työtä, ei rahaa, ei ruokaa. Palestiinalaisten tilanne on kurjistunut entisestään eristyksiin joutuneella Gazan kaistalla, sen jälkeen kun ääriliike Hamas otti vallan kesäkuun puolivälissä. Israel sulki rajat, minkä seurauksena kuukauden kuluessa ainakin 68 000 palestiinalaista on jäänyt työttömäksi. Rajojen yli kulkee enää ainoastaan sähköä, polttoainetta ja YK:n ruoka-apua.

Translation: No work, no money, no food. The Palestinians’ situation has been made more miserable than ever in the blockaded Gaza strip, after the extremists group Hamas took power in the middle of June. Israel has closed the borders, which has resulted in at least 68 000 Palestinians being left jobless. Only electricity, fuel and UN food aid crosses the borders.

So once again another Finnish journalist takes the “everything happens within a bubble” stance to the situation, though it is the sole fault of the Hamas (racist, pathological religious fanatics) and the people that put them into power. Saarine also errs in her assesment of what is and what isn’t moving across the borders into Gaza.

Having already rejected the shipments of Israeli produce into the Gaza strip, the Hamas has set its sights on something grander, but of no benifit to the average Palestinian and the hunger that may exist.

“Hamas, the officer revealed, has established a full-fledged military force in Gaza consisting of four brigades, corresponding to the different sections of the Gaza Strip. The brigades are made up of a number of battalions and platoons and include special forces. In addition, Hamas had smuggled in 20 tons of explosives via the Philadelphi Corridor from Sinai over the past two months, he said.”

Furthermore, the officer claimed that the group had obtained a large number of advanced antitank missiles, as well as an unknown number of antiaircraft missiles. Hamas, he said, was working to obtain long-range Katyusha rockets, and was also investing to improve the range of its cache of Kassam rockets”More here.

Lets get that straight. Hamas has smuggled into the Gaza strip 20 tons of explosives, as well as antitank missiles, antiaircraft missiles and Katyusha rockets. How did they obtain all that, with their good looks? It appears that the Hamas can find the money needed to buy for themsleves the most modern of weapons, but where the pyhsical well being of their people are concerned, they cry ….we’re broke!

And remember, all this activity is from an extremist religious group, that they themselves and their apologists around the world herald as being top notch in their social welfare organizational skills. What a bunch of bullocks. Perhaps if the Hamas spent as much time smuggleing in food as they do weapons and ammunition, their people wouldn’t be as bad off as they now proclaim themselves to be.

The whiners in the west, helped allong by an activist media, ensure that the Hamas can play this kind of dual strategy, of “arming themselves to the teeth while letting their people supposedly go hungy”. Eveliine Saarine, the Keskisuomalainen and the Finnish STT proves that it’s a winning strategy every time it’s played. *L* KGS

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