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CHRC Holds Landmark Hearing Regarding Displaced Jews From Arab Lands…….

The American Thinker posts Andrew G. Bostom’s article “Recognition for the Silent Jewish Refugees”.

Whenever Israel takes up the issue of refugees, she automatically expects that the plight +800 000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands will be addresses as well. Here is something that finally addresses that long passed over issue. *L* KGS

The bicameral Congressional Human Rights Caucus (CHRC) will hold a landmark hearing on Thursday July 19th regarding the hundreds of thousands of Jews forced to flee their communities in the Arab Muslim nations as a result of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Oriental Jews suffered profound violations of their basic human rights under the Islamic regimes throughout North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf Region.
This persecution — including pogroms and expropriations — caused their subsequent flight despite longtime residences in these countries. The Congressional Human Rights Caucus, under the auspices of its Chairman, Congressman Tom Lantos, will hear testimony from legal experts on the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries as well as from “living witnesses'” — Oriental Jews who will testify as to their plight in, and flight from, the Arab countries where they were born. More here.

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