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Exiled Hamas Kingpin Kahled Mashaal Declares Kidnapped Schalit a POW…….

Ok, if that the way Mashaal wants to spin it, then this changes the whole dynamics to the confrontation between Hamas and Israel. If Gilad Schalit is now classified as being a “prisoner of war” by the Hamas, then according to a Tundra Tabloids’ expert,

“then Hamas imply that the rules of war apply. Additional to Red Cross access, proper treatment etc., there are a whole series of breaches of the rules of war which Hamas are involved in, which make them war criminals.”

So which is it Mashaal, has your racist group of religious supremacist fanatics kidnapped the Israeli soldier, or are you now saying that Schalit was captured under the rules defined by the Geneva Conventions, and is being detained as a POW ? Either way makes you and your group a bunch of war criminals that would be easily convicted in any just court, using your own statements as evidence. More here. *L* KGS

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