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Bad News From Holland, The Dutch Need Adapting to Islam…….

Ella Vogelaar, the Dutch Minister for Residence, Neighbourhoods and Integration [‘voor Wonen, Wijken en Integratie’] had stated in an interview that “The Netherlands will be Islamic at some point in the future.” According to R.Hartman at Dutch Concerns,

“She feels that The Netherlands should adapt to Islam, and subsidise Islamic institutions. What will emerge, according her, is a “Christian-Jewish-Islamic culture”.

The Dutch are openly committing national suicide, chucking their own cultural, religious heritage into the gutter while subscribing to the inevitable takeover of Islam of its society. With Europe’s leaders openly throwing in the towel, have we lost all hope that Europe can contain Islamic hegemony within the “Old World”?

How long before our European leaders wake up and smell the coffee? Like a herd of frogs slowly being brought to a boil, our leaders and politicians have lost the capacity to detect any personal danger to themsleves and to the nation. Some may perhaps scoff that “Europe doesn’t face any such predicament, and if immigration to Europe has indeed problems, it certainly doesn’t resemble a “hegemony” of sorts”. Supposedly, those of us who are sounding the alarm are just chasing phantoms and ghosts.

I beg to differ. Looking at the history of Islamic imperialism, you begin to see a very old pattern emerging in Europe —coordinated and intentional, as well as being natural in design— of Islam resuming its old hegemonic habits of biting and chewing away at a piece of Europe at a time, until it either submitted or sued for accommodation, with unchecked immigration being the price for good relations. Unfortunately, many European state’s can now be defined as having chosen to subscribe to the latter, with the Dutch Minister’s admittance of the inevitable, as being proof of the ongoing collective siege.

This has all been a natural part of the Islamization process, helped along by a willing Europe –that has for the most part– long abandoned its own religious identity, sacrificed its youth and future generations through a dismally low birth rate while seeking to secure its future oil supplies with the oil producing Arab/Muslim World. The combination of all these phenomenons have been devastating to Europe. The question that remains now, is just how much longer before Europe becomes “Dar al islam”? *L* KGS

Hat tip, Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna.

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  1. Egads, someone has to knock some sense into them.

  2. Holy cow… glad I’ve already visited that country.

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