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Michael Yon is interviewed by Hugh Hewitt:
HH: Now Michael Yon, a lot of people don’t know the significance of Baquba. And so can you explain what peace in Baquba means for the larger war effort?

MY: Well, it’s huge, because al Qaeda had claimed Baquba as their capitol, their worldwide capitol. And you might recall one of the things that kind of upsets people about my reporting is I said Iraq was in a civil war, and I said that way back in February of 2005, and I continue to do so. But when I first wrote that, I was in Baquba, in 2005, and I spent two or three months here. And it was just total…you could see it, and you could see al Qaeda was trying to foment that civil war, because that’s their underlying strategy, is to do that. And so getting, fracturing al Qaeda here, and al Qaeda alienating so many Iraqis, it’s helping us to put a damper on the civil war.

Companies doing business with sponsors of terror
Thanks to Judith for pointing this out. The SEC publishes a list of companies that do business with state sponsors of terror .Of course, our so-called friends the Saudis, oil tick sponsors of Wahhabi Islam and Islamist terror, aren’t considered a state sponsor of terror by our government, so companies that do business with them aren’t listed. But this list is useful anyway. You can make a difference with your investment decisions and purchase choices – for maximum impact let the companies know why you are taking your business elsewhere.
Companies that do business with Iran
Companies that do business with Sudan
Companies that do business with Syria
Companies that do business with North Korea

July 13, 2007We have been telling our readers for years that the BBC is in the habit of distorting the news to make those whom it disfavors look bad. More

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