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Swedish Logic, Radical Muslims OK, Lebanese Christian Scouts…….Not

Nine scouts from Lebanon wanting to participate in a jamboree in southern Sweden, had their visas rejected by the Swedish Embassy in Damascus, in spite of its Foreign Ministry’s recommendation to “look favourably on visa applications from scouts intending to take part in the Jiingijamborii event“.

The reason behind the embassy’s decision was that they were afraid that these kids would want to remain in Sweden once they arrived.! Perish the thought!

These kids are Christians from northern Beirut, and with Sweden already awash with Muslims who sympathize with al-Qaida and openly hate Jews, what on earth would the Swedes do if these Christian scouts wanted to remain in Sweden? How would they accommodate them, and just think of the added expenses in trying to monitor their activities.
Who knows, they might begin setting up scout cells of their own that preach being kind to your neighbors and helping little grannies cross the street. The very foundations of Swedish society would be threatened by these tots if allowed to preach their messages of goodwill. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. As my son 9yr old son moves up the scout ladder, there are many facts of life I will have to talk over with him. The most sickening is how upside down this world has become. I believe in the Lord Jesus and the rejection by this world of His Grace is saddening. I see trouble in the world ahead and this is a small example of the pressures our world leaders are fuelling. The release is in God’s hands.

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