Anti-Islamism Dhimmitude Netherlands

Dutch Socialist Labor Party Eager to Dump Apostate From Islam…….

Good grief, how the Left craves for its dhimmitude.

“Thirteen years ago, Mr. Jami’s family moved from Iran to the Netherlands. When he was a young boy, Mohammed was his “hero,” Mr. Jami said. But after reading the Koran he discovered that the prophet was “a criminal,” he recently told the Dutch paper Trouw: “If Mohammed were alive today, he would be in the same league as Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein […] It was a deception to discover who Mohammed truly is. My great admiration for him has turned into deep contempt.”

Early last month, Mr. Jami announced his intention to establish a Committee for Ex-Muslims, which he will launch officially in September at an international press conference. His initiative has enraged Islamist fanatics, but also his own party, the PvdA. An internal memo [pdf] sent to PvdA congressmen and cabinet ministers, shows that the party fears that Mr. Jami’s campaign will cause considerable electoral damage among Muslim voters.

So an ex-Muslim enrages both Muslims AND the Left. Hmmmm. The Brussels Journal has more here. *L* KGS

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