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Turkey in The Union Anyone……?

Not all is as it appears to be. Stephen Brown takes a look at the issue of forced marriages –a human rights abuse– in the (predominantly Turkish) Muslim community in Germany. Thousands of Muslim girls, as young as 15, are sent abroad to Turkey to be reviewed, evaluated and decided upon whether or not they are suitable for marriage.

Many Turkish girls sent to Europe (called Gelin) as possible brides to men they have never seen or talked to before, are rarely if ever allowed to venture outside their homes once they become a member of the household.

“Many women do not know where they have been living for years,” said the social worker, saying most had never left their Muslim neighborhood, and even their apartments. Some of these women, she added, are astounded to learn that rape is a crime in Germany, which indicates their isolation from German society and the brutality they had fled.”

The tradition of arranged marriages is not to be confused with forced marriages, due to the consent needed by both parties. Forcing a young woman into marriage against her will is most definitely a human rights violation, and it looks like it enjoys a very wide measure of cultural/religious respectability amongst the Muslims in Germany.

Only after a more detailed research will the full scale be uncovered as to how prevalent the custom is here in Europe. Not all cultural values are of value. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Somehow I don’t think Turkey will ever become a full member in the EU. There are so many countries that will oppose that.

    Of course, there will be negotiations or they will pretend to negotiate, as it serves the current political purpose either in Turkey or in EU.

    On the other hand, I would like to see Turkey become a member, since this event would, most likely, be the beginning of the end of the corrupt and bureaucratic superstate.

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