Network of Expatriate Treachery “In recent years the world has seen the growth of networks of ex-Israeli Jewish leftists, disgruntled people living outside of Israel and devoting their energies to delegitimizing and undermining the very existence of the Jewish state. The other Israel-phobes delight in them. Each new one to come along is greeted with serendipitous ecstasy, proclaimed a courageous hero of moral outrage, defying Zionist “oppression.”

Syria Invades Lebanon A few days ago Lebanese daily newspaper Al Mustaqbal quietly reported a limited Syrian invasion of Lebanon.This happened immediately before I left town for two days. When I returned I was surprised to find no mention of this whatsoever anywhere else in the media. I assumed the story had to be false. How could Syria invade three kilometers into any region of Lebanon without triggering a diplomatic and media storm? “

Studies Show Terrorists Are More Educated, Wealthy From Oppressive Countries
Wall Street Journal columnist David Wessel writes about Princeton economist Alan Krueger’s in-depth research that proves what I’ve been saying like forever, and what most others seem to have just noticed with the Medical Doctor Terrorists involved in the foiled British bomb plots: that terrorists are not only NOT bred by poverty and lack of opportunity, but that they are actually better educated and wealthier than most. What distinguishes them–aside form ideology–is that they come from repressive Muslim countries.”

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