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Islamist Doctors of Death With an Al-Qaida Licence to Kill…….

“Terror plot hatched in British hospitals”.

The number of the highly schooled jihadists –caught in connection to the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow– has increased to five. These foreign born professionals mark a new era in the UK, in which previously all Islamic terrorist attacks were of the home grown variety.

This kind of scenario of course, does not fit in the nay sayers’ (of the war against Islamist extremism) play book, in which poverty, despair and US/British foreign policy play a major role. More here. *L* KGS

Udate: Doctor arrested in Brisbane over UK terror plots. This now makes the grand toll of six Islamodoctors suspected of hatching a murderous terrorist plot, chillingly in the very same halls dedicated to saving lives.

Oh by the way, “the doctor was regarded by the hospital as a “model citizen”. “

Update: 20:45 3/0707 YLE 20:30 news broadcast reports on the doctors being arrested, no mention of them being Muslims. But there is mention of the British Muslim community being nervous of counter revenge attacks.

Update: 21:23 3/07/07 Al-Qaida in Iraq connection. More here.

Update: 9:38 4/07/07 More on Al-Qaida in Iraq connection. The Times On Line reports that a warning was made a week before the attack.

“An al-Qaeda leader in Iraq boasted before last week’s failed bombings in London and Glasgow that his group was planning to attack British targets and that “those who cure you will kill you”, The Times has learnt.

The warning was delivered to Canon Andrew White, a senior British cleric working in Baghdad, and could be highly significant as the eight Muslims arrested in the wake of the failed plot are all members of the medical profession.”

The sick bastards.

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  1. I am sure their “oath” is something like “First, do no harm… unless you want to.” It was bad enough we had to worry about insurance problems when going to the doc. Now we have to worry about whether or not they want to kill us!

    DISCLAIMER: “symptoms may include kow-towing, blind adherance to PC doctrine, SJS (sudden jihad syndrome), and even death. If you are prone to experience involuntary limb loss or death as a result of explosions, martyrdom may not be right for you. Please consult your imam before beginning any radical jihad program.”

  2. I believe that you’re correct. These are not humanitarian individuals dedicated to serving all mankind.

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