Israel PM Ehud Olmert Stumped…….

Israeli PM, Ehud Olmert, has placed himself in the middle of a major conundrum, after giving the command for the lists –that contain over 10 000 Palestinian prisoners currently sitting in jail for various crimes– to be scoured with the hope of finding at least 250 important prisoners “without blood on their hands”.

The problem is that only low level petty criminals are available for release, all the rest that might be of any influence, have Israeli blood on their hands. No what do you do? They will probably reinvent the original directive and probably release Palestinians that have had ties to terror, most likely being the brains behind the terrorist attacks.

All the options available are not very promising, except for the one that keeps the rats in their hole for a while longer

The difficulty in finding 250 Fatah security prisoners who have been in jail for a long time but do not have “blood on their hands” is the reason the cabinet was not asked Sunday to approve the prisoner release Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced last week at the Sharm e-Sheikh summit, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

Government sources said that while the issue was not brought up at Sunday’scabinet meeting, it will come up for a vote next week. The Post has learned that last Tuesday, the day after Olmert’s return from Sharm, where he announced his intention to bring the release of 250 Fatah prisoners “without blood on their hands” to the cabinet, the country’s security services began going through the list of nearly 10,000 Palestinians held in Israeli jails to see who fit the criteria Olmert spelled out. It is hoped they might play a leadership role in Fatah, and serve as a “goodwill gesture” to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

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