Islamic Intolerance

Koran 2:256, “There is no compulsion in Islam.”…….

The seemingly forward thinking Koranic verse 2:256, that “there is no compulsion in Islam” (in Arabic: la ikrah fi’d-din) —on face value alonewould be truly enough to convince any non-Muslim that Islam doesn’t allow for forced conversions of unbelievers into its religion.
History of course is rife with examples that such practices have indeed existed in the past, as well as in the present. The well known European Islamist academic, Tariq Ramadan labeled a fellow Muslim, Egyptian, Magdi Allam as an “apostate, knowing what trouble it would cause the man by his fellow countrymen.
You see, even a highly educated man like Tariq Ramadan, knows the power behind an accusation that calls into doubt any man’s allegiance to his Islamic upbringing.
Unfortunately there are a couple more instances of Islam showing its ugly head in regards to the privacy of an individual’s right to believe in what they want. One is in Egypt and the other in Malaysia.
When anyone tries to dismiss the claim that Islam does not use force to either “win over” a convert, or to “discourage one from leaving the faith, you can point to these instances. Dr.Daniel Pipes offers some real good insight on how Islam can become whatever it want to become, using the issue of forced conversions as an example. *L* KGS

Note: To those well versed in Swedish, Daniel at Israelnyheter has more on it here.

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