Finnish media Hamas media bias

YLE Watch…….

Finnish state TV news org., YLE, helps to disseminate distorted news of Palestinian refugees trying to cross into Israel from Gaza.

“Kymmenet gazalaiset ovat yrittäneet paeta Israelin puolelle, mutta Israelin joukot käännyttivät heidät varoituslaukauksilla. / Tens of Gazans have tried to flee to the Israeli side, but Israeli troops turned them away by firing warning shots”

As can be seen from the picture, these Palestinians seeking safe passage to the West Bank are safely sitting in the Erez crossing, and number well into the hundreds. Finland’s YLE news will stoop to any level in order to paint Israel as the “bad guy”, even when they aren’t directly involved.

The reason for the slow down at the crossings falls squarely on Hamas, by demanding that the Palestinian police guarding the crossings vacate their positions. Any crossings from Gaza to the WB has to be controlled by both sides in a coordinated way, since their takeover of Gaza, all normal transactions have been thrown out the window, in much the same way as some Fattah officials. *L* KGS

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