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Arafat Finally Loses His Nobel Peace Prize…….

No, Arafat’s “peace prize” wasn’t given back to the Nobel committee –as many had demanded— they would never have accepted it back anyways. Arafat’s badly mislabeled “peace prize” was instead stolen by members of Hamas, one of the other Palestinian terrorist groups that take unprecedented delight in expressing openly their intentions towards Israel.

In spite of the talk that some sort of mutual understanding might develop between the two sides to help forestall a breakup of the Palestinian government, this latest episode by Hamas thugs is something that Fattah will never forgive. I believe the ransacking of Arafat’s home was a cold , calculated move by Hamas to quell any thoughts of an eventual reconciliation with Fattah.

Given Hamas’ penchant for speaking rather brazenly about their plans, I believe it’s safe to assume that they are sending a very clear message to Fattah, that there is no turning back. The question is, how will the main stream media spin the story? *L* KGS

Note: Charles Johnson states it this way; “Yasser Arafat’s Nobel Peace Prize comes to a poetically just end, as Hamas thugs loot his Gaza villa and steal everything: Looters raid Arafat’s home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize. That will save the Nobel Committee the trouble of awarding Hamas the prize; they already have one!”

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