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The Iranian Surge…….

I have come across material — as well as having had it forwarded to me– that might help shed some light as to why the Hamas are exerting their strength right now, about the same time the Islamist terrorist group, Fattah al-Islam is waging its own terrorist war in the northern sector of Lebanon.

Noah Pollack writing at Michael Totten’s blog says the following:

Does the “international community” recognize these realities? Not so much. While masked Hamas gunmen were sport-killing people in Gaza hospitals, the European Commission declared, “We call on President Abbas, the legitimate president of all Palestinians, to do his utmost to resolve the situation through dialogue and to work towards national unity and reconciliation.” In a rock-paper-scissors match between a Kalashnikov and dialogue, who wins? Indeed, is there a problem in the world that the European Commission thinks can’t be resolved by dialogue?

While Hamas was executing members of Fatah by throwing them off the roofs of tall buildings, Jan Egeland, special adviser to the UN Secretary General, said, “This is the product of failed Palestinian policies, failed Israeli policies, failed international policy.” That’s right: the rise of Hamas is because of some vague policy problems. Maybe a UN committee could investigate them?

The growing nexus of Iran’s client terrorists groups, like the Hezbollah, Hamas and yes, even Fattah al-Islam, are spreading their influence deep into the fertile crescent of Lebanon and Gaza, and perhaps in portions of the WB. It appears that this Iranian “surge” –like an elephant in the room– is being conveniently ignored.

When this knowledge is placed along side the recent Finnish TV news interview , in which a news anchor and university academic both agree that “the west is to blame for the unrest and chaos in Gaza“, you can assume that the Iranians are confident that their “surge” will be successful.

The West is full of boobs that can be counted on to consistently choose to look the other way –while steering the rest of society as well.. while the Iranians methodically build their own satellite bases close to Israel. My good friend S.L. writes:

“Most people seem to think that the civil war in Gaza is just a Palestinian bar brawl. It is not. It is a piece in a carefully outlined plan by Iran to circumvent Israel. Hamas has started this civil war precisely because they are proxies for Iran. Once they have control over Gaza they can act as Iran’s proxies and launched well coordinated attacks on Israel. Any military response from Israel against Hamas will be used by Iran as an excuse to get involved directly – unless Hamas has already smuggled a nuke across the border, of course.”

The West can no longer afford to to turn a blind eye to Iranian involvement in the region, and have to nip Iran’s latest “surge” in the bud before it’s too late. *L* LGS

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