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Wait Just a Second There…….

A civil war? How could you possibily assume that?

YNET: “Gunmen fire rocket-propelled grenade at Haniyeh’s Gaza home, damaging the building but causing no casualties. Hamas warns Fatah-affiliated security officials not to report for duty. Abbas: Hamas trying to seize Gaza by force.”

Surely the situation that involves 200 of Hamas’ gunmen terrorists in the surrounding 500 Fattah gunmen terrorists in northern Gaza, doesn’t mean that the Palestinians are in the middle of a civil war? How could one ever assume that? *L* KGS

Update: Fattah to soon decide whether or not to stay within the “unity” PA government.

Isreallycool has more indepth coverage here.

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  1. No, no, how could this be a civil war…? Civil war is what you have when foreigners come to a country with foreign-made bombs and blow up children. Kind of like Iraq, you know… But this – this is… uh… it’s… it’s all Halliburton’s fault!

  2. Pretty ironic huh? Soon they might have to start labeling them as terrorists….perish the thought!

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