Academics Boycott Britain Israel

Reasons Behind Brits Academic Boycott of Israel…….

According to Fair Play Campaign Group, the reason why the recent British boycott against Israel was approved (the key vote on the boycott was 158 in favour, 99 against) was due to foul play by a select group within that academic body.

“A large Socialist Workers Party contingent was able to dominate the congress on their policy agenda including, but not limited to, the boycott. The boycott campaigners deliberately misled the delegates about what they were voting for; they claimed that they were not proposing a boycott but rather a debate on the boycott. This was the first policy motion all congress that anyone spoke against. The procedure for this was confusing and delegates were struggling to follow the debate’s order. They asked the chair for clarification but he was sometimes confused too.”

Bill Rammell recently stated at Hebrew University in Israel, that a boycott was “fundamentally wrong”.

“I hope my visit here sends a strong message of the views of the British government and people”

Lets hope that calm and reasoned thinking wins the day, and overturns this immoral boycott that should never have been contemplated and voted on (even theoretically) in the first place. Using immoral means to rig a vote says more about the supporters of the boycott than those being boycotted. *L* KGS

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